Co-Curricular Activities


Fostering curiosity is the key to learning. Curiosity is not about finding, but exploring. So to satisfy this insatiable urge we have joined hands with Curio kidz, an institution that enhances scientific learning by practical hands on experiments .It not only help to bring out the best in students but also help them to grow up intellectually with greater involvement.


The learning style of the children is not the same universally. Some learn by text book and blackboard whereas many don’t. This turns children disinterested and even phobic towards learning mathematics. We here in MKM understands this fact and we have introduced maths lab to understand mathematic concepts through activities and games. At MKM students are encouraged to test theories prove concepts and validate hypotheses which in turn provides opportunity and scope for greater involvement.


Science lab in M.K.M not only teach students the scientific way of thinking but also teach them how to actively involve themselves in their own learning. It helps students to develop conceptional framework as well as to develop problem solving skills. It promotes the students to have healthy discussions and group activities. It also help students to experience science in varied interesting and enjoyable ways.


Proficiency in english and other languages is an essential skill. Listening and speaking are the first step of the development process. Developing the right pronunciation, grammars, vocabulary building, require and environment devoid of regional influence which the language lab at M.K.M strives to achieve.