Extra Curricular Activities


The traditional Okinawan Goju-Ryu-Shorei-Kan Karate-Do and Ryu-Kyu Kobudo are practiced by our students under the able guidance of internationally trained instructors. Karate uniform is issued by the school and periodical examination is conducted annually



The instrumental music is taught to our children to appear for the Trinity school of Music(London) exam. The interest and efficiency in learning this art creates opportunity for them. Children will bring their own keyboard which is permitted to stock in class for the class usage.


The classical art form is taught on Kalakshetra syllabus and children are graded bi-annually. Salangai Pooja are planned during the Navarathiri season and we encouraged children to showcase their skill to perform their Arangetram in a couple of years. Leggings for primary and shawl for high school are recommended to be worn during classes.



Mandatory sport for class I and II is conducted in our campus within the working hours. Our school has a good skating ring in cement flooring that makes children enthralled about their skating experiences. The sports accessories are provided by the school for the children to make them efficient in the sport. Our skating instructors are pioneers in coaching national levels skaters and encourage children for succeeding in various competitions.


This class is the minutes of excitement for children of class III to IV. Swimming classes are conducted by the expert trainers with at most safety measures during the school hours. Children bring their own swim suits and other accessories on the days of classes. They are carefully transported to and fro for the pool maintained by Friends Sports Academy.


Music curriculum here in MKM helps to develop the ability to appreciate music ,read basic music ,sing and move to variety of rhythm. The students learn about various sounds and practice to sing many contemporary and traditional hyms under the able guidance of trained teachers.


The oldest sport known to mankind is taught by Olympics and Para-Olympics trainers which are considered as a rare opportunity for students. Archery requires the bow and arrows which is made to order with respect to the height of every learner is delivered by the school at minimum cost. Children are taken for competitions and trained to succeed in every event they participate.