Our Principal

Dear Parent,
Our school is primarily responsible for a caring environment, with aims to nurture young minds and see them grow into a dynamic personality. Thus I believe MKM is a transforming place with improved goals & accountability at all levels. This needs parental involvement beyond school, to derive the benefits for successful transformation of the child. To us every child is unique, and he/she is respected and loved for his / her uniqueness.

We have a common mission to work with commitment and dedication, coupled with increased professional skills and shared responsibilities. Our students grow up to be an open minded individual, as they get groomed under our training and exposure. We believe it is exposure and experience that makes an individual knowledgeable i.e.,"Excellence through exposure" and hence in our guidance we make it a point that as they pass through, various classes they acquire fearlessness, integrity, good values and positive attitude.

We groom our students in our care into a strong holistic person by excelling in academics & Co-curricular activities. The school is imbibed with student-friendly ideas in every classroom. We make sure every student feels comfortable, because happy students are successful students. Our students regard MKM as "A home away from home" where they make new friends for life.

We are deploying appropriate technology in every possible sphere, to render prompt service to them throughout. With all these, we endeavour to achieve the goal of "Quality education" for every individual student. I pray to the Almighty to help us to achieve this collective goal.